We represent victims of apartment discrimination or condominium discrimination in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. If you think you are the victim of housing discrimination or discrimination because your children have played outside, we are here to help.  If you are worried about your family being evicted for letting your children play outside at your apartment complex or condominium association, we can help.  If you are looking for alawyer or attorney that can handle your housing discrimination or apartment discrimination case in Los Angeles, we are here for you.

Can your landlord threaten to evict you for letting your children play outside in common areas, grass lawns, or open areas at your apartment orcondominium complex?  If you signed a lease that states that you agree to keep your children indoors, are you bound to obey it?  If your condominium CC&Rs declare that children cannot play in common areas, are you bound to obey those rules?    Can your landlord refuse to let children play outsidebecause they may be noisy, or if neighbors want peace and quiet, or if there are people who sleep during the day and might not want children playing and making noise? The simple answer to these questions is, no.

A lease provision or CC&R that guarantees tenants the right to quiet enjoyment does not allow a landlord to stop children from playing outside, so that other tenants can have peace and quiet.   Children have the legal right to play outside and to make reasonable noise while playing, and your landlord cannot stop them from doing so.   In addition, a CC&R or apartment rule that declares that common areas are only to be used for coming and going (commonly referred to as ingress and egress) is equally discriminatory, as such a rule tries to hide the fact that its true intention is to keep children inside, out of sight and out of mind.

Your apartment or condominium is your home and you deserve to feel safe where you live. If your landlord is harassing your children, telling them to be quiet or that they can’t play out in open areas, or requires your children to be supervised when playing, you may be the victim of apartment or condominium discrimination.

Below you will find helpful resources and more information on what is and is not considered Housing discrimination in the Los Angeles area.