No.   A landlord cannot force a woman to move out simply because she is pregnant, nor can families be evicted because their baby cries.  Fair housing laws recognize that three people can share a one-bedroom apartment.  Any remaining bedrooms can have up to two people in each bedroom.  If the addition of a new baby will not exceed the occupancy limits, then it is illegal for a landlord to require a tenant who has a baby to move out.

In addition, a landlord cannot force a family with a new baby to move out because the landlord is worried that a crying baby will upset neighbors.  Neighbors are required to put up with the sounds of crying babies.  Federal law protects families of newborn babies.  If a landlord threatens to evict a family because their baby cries too much, or cries at odd hours, then the landlord has violated fair housing laws.  Babies are allowed to cry at any hour and a landlord is required to put up with it.